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Aspire, LLC provides Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) therapy in the clinic and/or home setting  individualized to each client's specific needs.  Therapy is one-on-one with a Registered Behavior Technician.  In the clinic setting, clients have opportunities for socialization with the support of his/her therapist.  Services provided in the home can help foster independence with daily living and self-help skills, as well as promote generalizing skills to the community with outings that are of signifacnce to the family's needs.   

We also provide speech-language and occupational therapies in the clinic setting.  Our mulitidisciplinary approach allows professionals to collaborate and create well-rounded programs for our clients and families.  Aspire prides itself on being the only clinic in the tri-county area to provide ABA, ST, and OT in one location.  We have a history of providing these services together in multiple settings for a decade.  





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